As a user with Company Setup permissions you have the ability to set up users and tags (used for grouping users for reporting purposes) for your company. We recommend setting up tags first, as this will allow you to easily allocate them when creating users. Assessment data for users with no tags allocated to them will not be included in any reporting. Tags cannot be linked to assessment data retrospectively.


Tags are used to identify groups of users matching a particular criteria and combining their assessment data for reporting. They could represent a team working for a specific manager - David's Team , indicate job roles - Pharmacist , or identify those working on a particular project - Relaunch Team .

A user can have multiple tags allocated to them.

Creating Tags

When you first start setting up your company there are no tags. To start creating them access the Tags tab:

Here, you can give the new tag a title and choose its colour. Using the same colours for different tag types can be useful, for example job roles could be green - Pharmacist Receptionist , and departments could be blue - Marketing Sales HR .

Editing Tags

You are able to change the title and colour of a tag at any point. The tag will still be allocated to the same users. This can be useful if the manager of a team changes - David's Team becomes Lucy's Team for example.

Simply make the required changes and select Update.

Deleting Tags

If you no longer require a tag you can delete it. This will remove the tag from any user it's allocated to.

However, please be aware that once you delete a tag it can no longer be used in company reporting. If a tag is no longer required but historical data linked to it still needs to be available, you should instead manually remove it from each user it's allocated to.


You can manage your company's users from the Users tab. Here you can add, edit and delete users. You can assign additional permissions, and allocate tags to indicate which reports the user can be included in.

Adding Users

To add a new user you need to provide a valid email address, first name and last name.

If tags are set up for your company you can choose which ones to allocate to this user.

Additional permissions can be assigned to a user. Company Setup gives the user the ability to manage users and tags. Reporting gives the user the ability to run reports on other users' assessment results.

If the user has Reporting permissions you can also select which tags they are allowed to run reports on, for example team leader David might only be given access to run reports on the David's Team tag.

Editing Users

You are able to edit a user at any point by selecting Edit from the actions column of the users table.

Welcome Email

Once a user has been added you will need to send them a welcome email giving instructions on how they can set a password and login.

This is done from the user details page by selecting Edit from the actions column of the users table.

At the bottom of the screen you will find a button to send the email - Send Welcome Email .

Further Information

As an admin user you may get asked other questions regarding the use of the system. Answers to questions about running reports can be found in the Reporting Guide. Otherwise please do not hesitate to contact