Your Emotional Health Matters

Understanding your emotions, reactions, and how you process the world around you is vital for emotional resilience. Inner Calm offers a safe space for you to make sense of your experiences.

It's becoming more common to talk about our mental health. As a result, we can find ourselves flooded with contradictory information across multiple blogs, apps, websites and books.

In such an environment, how can you identify the best source of support for you?

In our professional experience, people are happier when they work actively on their emotional health and feel empowered to make changes in life.

At Inner Calm we believe in a personalised approach. Our assessment process identifies the techniques that are best tailored to your individual experience, while offering choice on how to reach your goals.

Understanding Your Emotional Health

Our extensive assessment is designed to help you reflect on how you cope with what life throws at you. Allowing yourself the time to consider 130 questions about the way you deal with things can spark real change.

As well as general introductions to the seven key areas of emotional wellbeing, your report will provide detailed personal feedback and suggestions.

Your assessment is not about achieving a high 'score'. In fact, it isn't scored at all. Instead, we use a red/amber/green system to guide you towards areas you might wish to focus on.

As a member you will be able to complete the assessment on a monthly basis, allowing time in-between for the tools and techniques you have been using to take effect.

Inner Calm Assessment and Report

Improving Your Emotional Health

We firmly believe that the first step to sustainable emotional health is understanding, and this is at the heart of our assessment design. But what next? We offer tailored development pathways to support you in the challenges you face.

There are eight pathways in total: one for each of the seven key areas of emotional health, and an additional pathway aimed at building and maintaining healthy habits.

Each pathway is complete with instructional bite-sized videos, introducing each concept and presenting suggested solutions. You are free to digest and reflect on these at your own pace.

We provide powerful self-coaching techniques supported by helpful worksheets, and offer suggestions for further reading in each area.

Although we recommend you follow each pathway in the order they are laid out, you are completely free to browse if you prefer, dipping in and out of the material as you wish.

You do not need to have completed an assessment to gain access to the pathways, but we suggest that doing so will guide you to the material most helpful to you.

Sustaining Your Emotional Health

Experience shows that only by committing to regular action can you develop sustained emotional health. We provide multiple tools that contribute to forming emotional health improving habits.

Your personalised dashboard helps you keep track of what you have been working on, and your progress to date. Our check-in facility helps you keep a regular eye ion how you are feeling.

Retaking your assessment on a regular basis will help you measure the impact of the strategies you are using, and to consider whether you wish to make changes to your approach.

Inner Calm Check In


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