As a user with Reporting permissions you have the ability to run reports showing Combined Results data for users in your company. You can also see Individual Results for users who have granted you access to their assessment results.

Combined Results

These reports will show you combined results of all assessments that match a given set of criteria. The options you can choose from are:

Assessments Per User

Choose between including All Assessments completed within the given time period, or only the Most Recent assessment for each user.

Time Period

All Time looks at all assessments taken since the company joined Inner Calm.
Date Range allows you to specify only assessments taken between two dates.
Compare Date Ranges allows you to specify two sets of dates, identified by (1) and (2), for comparison over time.


You must select at least one tag to filter results by, for example you might want to include assessments completed by users with the tag Helen's Team allocated to them.

You can select multiple tags to combine results. When selecting more than one tag the report will include all assessments completed by users with ANY chosen tag allocated to them, rather than assessments completed by users with ALL chosen tags allocated to them.

You will only see tags that you've been given permission to report on.

Results Table

When you run the report the results are presented in a table showing the percentage of assessments matching the chosen criteria that scored Red, Amber or Green in each section. A summary of the data in the report is given above the table. Please note that in order to protect users' anonymity a report will only be produced if the data includes at least one assessment from four or more users.

Printing Results

The reporting page has been formatted to fit on a single A4 print out when using most browsers' print functionality.

Individual Results

Company users have the ability to share their assessment results with users who have been given Reporting permissions. You will only see the report summary for those users who have given you permission, not the whole personalised report.

They can choose who they want to share with from the Company tab of the Account page: