Your Key to Emotional Awareness and Wellbeing

Inner Calm

We offer tools and strategies for emotional health developed by expert coaches.

Our unique emotional wellbeing assessment will provide you with detailed personal insights, along with guidance and support in figuring out your next steps.

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What We Provide

Guidance and Choice

A safe, non-judgemental platform bursting with tools and techniques to help you discover, understand and improve your emotional health.

Maybe something just doesn’t feel right and you want to explore what’s going on, or perhaps you are struggling with stress and want to get to grips with your triggers. Whatever your concerns, we can help.

  • Our comprehensive assessment delves into the seven key areas of emotional wellbeing, providing you with a unique personalised report.
  • Your tailored report will guide you towards the strategies we think will be the most valuable in developing your emotional strength.
  • Or simply explore and utilise our self-development environment in whatever way feels right for you.

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Understanding Your Emotional Health


Only when you understand what’s going on in your own mind can you begin to deal with how you’re feeling. Knowledge and awareness are your superpowers and we can help you strengthen them.

Our comprehensive assessment is designed to improve your self-awareness, and help you understand what you’re experiencing across seven key areas of emotional health.

Your report provides a general overview of each of these areas, followed by personalised feedback and insights. Many find that these reflections alone inspire them to start making positive changes.

Our red/amber/green signposting across the site will guide you to the tools and techniques most relevant to you. Remember, knowledge is power.

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Improving Your Emotional Health


Meaningful change begins with awareness and understanding, but what next ? Equipping yourself with the right tools is a vital step in building your emotional health.

We provide proven tools, techniques and strategies to help you help yourself. Our platform offers a wealth of informative videos, transformative coaching techniques and reflective worksheets.

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Sustaining Your Emotional Health


Regular habits are essential for sustained emotional health. Our dashboard system enables you to track your progress, check for updates and keep an eye on areas that need work.

As a member you’ll get exclusive material, with unlimited access to tools, videos, and articles. You can even save your favourites for quick reference.

You’ll have the option to complete our thorough assessment every month, and our daily check-in facility helps build a picture of your ongoing emotional health.

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Get your unique, personalised report on coping with uncertainty completely free of charge. Access to our strategies video is included, so you can begin your journey to improved emotional health right away. The results are confidential and we will not record or share them.

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